Jasper National Park

I would say my love of photography started with landscape and wildlife photography. I have always been that person that will stop on the side of the road to take photos like all those other touristy people. I take a lot of photos when we go on holidays, just ask my husband.

We went to Jasper this past weekend so my husband could compete on the Jasper Half Marathon, he did amazing and finished the 1/2 marathon in 2hrs and 14 minutes, he shaved over 15 minutes off his time from the last 1/2 marathon that he completed. I am hopeful one day to do a 5K, I was winded after doing the Family 1K, so I have a ways to work up to even thinking about doing a 5K or higher.

We toured around Jasper's Downtown on Saturday morning and then headed back to our hotel, staying at the Maligne Lodge for him to get ready for his run. We were there with him to cheer him on as he started the race, getting off to a great start. The kids and I were super proud to watch him start. We then went across for a quick bite to eat at the Montana's that was right close to where the race started. We then went back to the hotel to check on the dog and then get ready for the family race.

We headed back to the race to wait for M to come over the finish line. There were almost 1000 participants, I don't know the exact number, but you had the option of doing the Half, a 10K, 5K or Family run. Being in the non impressive shape that I am in, as my husband calls me skinny fat, as I am not in shape, I was worried about doing the 1K with the kids. But I thought I would try, lol!

We cheered on M as he came around the corner for the final sprint of the race. We followed and went to find him, very sweaty with his medal for completing the Half Marathon. I am beyond proud of my husband for how far he has come in his fitness journey.

We then did the family run! Liam was mad cause I wouldn't let him go to far ahead of me, to many people for my mom-dar to let him go. I had to carry Henley 1/3 of the way, makes it harder and it winded me carrying my little 50lber. We made the run in 5 mins, which for me I am happy with and proud of myself. It actually makes me think that for me the 5K or even 10K is doable.

After the race we had some yummy treats that were supplied by the race organizers. They even had beer provided by the Jasper Brewing Company.

We headed back to the hotel and got some pool time in and then went for a yummy dinner at one of the great restaurants downtown.

On Sunday morning, after a quick breakfast we headed towards home, but doing some sight seeing and some time for playing with my camera. We drove along some of the roads that the run took and then headed over to Jasper Park Lodge and toured around some of the lakes in that area. It is so beautiful! We then headed towards Maligne Canyon. I would like to come back during the winter to do the Ice Walk Tours, the photos I have seen make me drool a little. We weren't able to go very far, as it was very icy. Just ask my favourite jeans that now have a stylish rip in the knee. It was either rip my jeans or smash the camera, so the jeans took the damage. I may have used some colourful language when I fell. I also had to slide my camera bag down to my husband and he took video of me using the railing with both hands to get down to the next bridge. We then checked out the Canyon Restaurant for some coffee and some snacks. They have Latte's!

We then started heading home. stopping a few times to check out the sheep on the sides of the road and a couple scenic stops we made our way home.

It was a great weekend, a great family adventure and also some exercise!

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