New to Blogging! Way out of my Comfort Zone!

Good morning everyone! So this is new for me and its something I would really like to try and do on a regular basis. I do say that as well about staying on top of my social media accounts, but I am terrible at that, so we will see how it goes.

I find it so hard to stay relevant or in a position where I am good with posting content on a regular basis. Yes life gets in the way, but I am wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone and make a better go at making Jessica Kimble Photography as stable name in Dawson Creek. I am after all here for most of your photo needs! There are some areas, such as Boudoir and Newborn and Weddings that I am more then happy to pass on one of the other many talented photographers in our area to you.

Being relevant is hard to me, as it is making myself do something that is foreign to me. I slightly consider myself quite behind with all the social media trends and feel old before my time. I feel IG and FB dumb most days. I am starting to get a hang of the Reel situations, but its still a work in progress.

I have found a great way of engaging with the community is my Shop Local Photography Project and involved our Mayor Dale Bumstead. I will do a blog on that another day. But it has been great with getting my name out there more and also sharing all the amazing businesses we have in town.

But back to the blogging. I am planning on doing posts a few times a week, they may be to Photography, Crazy Funny Farm, my LOVE for DIY, the Shop Local Photography Project and maybe just day to day life! See who reads it, LOL!

I look forward to sharing this with you and bear with me as I learn the ins and out of blogging!

Thank you as always,

Jessica Kimble Photography :)